Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sculpture and Vegan Lepidoptry

Sonja Bales is a 14 year old artist. She calls this series, "Vegan Lepidoptry." 
 After carefully study of real insects, Sonja takes her art beyond mimicry, using maps, currency,  
old text books, and decorative papers and plastic to make these new creatures. 

Sonja's work speaks to the different roles insects have in our culture: as exotic objects of beauty, 
as fragile migratory species, and as dream images....

George by Sonja Bales ©2012 used with permission of artist
Sonja says of her work, "My interest in butterflies was ignited after watching television on antique Lepidoptry (preservation of butterflies and bugs). They would poison the insect and stab it with a pin.


I decided to make a vegan butterfly using plastic, but was not content with the result. I turned to paper.  I felt the butterflies needed to be carefully paired with each swatch of paper.

I'm an impulsive artist, and once something's done, there's always plenty more to beautify."

Sonja Bales ©2012 used with permission of artist
Sonja Bales ©2012 used with permission of artist
Sonja Bales ©2012


Theresa Cheek said...

Wow, what will she be doing in ten years? She has a great eye for composition and understands the bigger picture about our fragile earth.
I love the orange one!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Who knows,Theresa? Just so fun to see her interested and exploring now. With art she can go in any direction!