Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sculpture and Upholstery, the bench #3

I know this isn't fine art, but I define a sculptor as someone who is actively engaged with the physical world. He or she is not afraid to risk changing an object into something different, rearrange spatial relationships and design new environments

Believe me, you would have run screaming from the maggot infested rugs. I almost did. Here's the conclusion to the makeover.

This bench has had a long and interesting existence. I discovered that it needed structural repairs
and glued and screwed in new bracing. 
That completed, we're ready to work with the carpet, it was cut to fit the bench with an extra 4 inches all around. Layout is crucial as I only get one chance to get this right. 

I was so focused on getting the job done correctly, I didn't take any photos of the process. Oh well.

Here is the finished reupholstered bench with its companion rug-apocalypse post modern off-set repaired area rug. A little work and a whole new level of comfort, no, LUXURY in the studio.


Theresa Cheek said...

Oh, I love this! I love the fact that you rescue existing pieces and give them another chapter of life. The red really pops against that acqua. Nicely done.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thanks Theresa, it's so nice to be able to relax both on the sofa and in knowing the rugs are in a new life...and not another project idea gathering dust.

Patrick Gracewood said...

T. Decided that that turquoise is the color accent for the studio. It's such a happy, sunny color.

Beatriz Cunha said...

I love it, I agree on the turquoise, it's a great colour and the carpet looks marvelous.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

What a lovely and cozy bench you now have, Patrick.

Don't know about the maggot infested rugs, though. I'm assuming you found a way to clean them :)

I love the turquoise color, it always reminds me of a tropical sea.