Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sculpture and Ritual - The Money Dance #2

Q: How do you create group interaction with people who don't know each other?
A: You create a ritual.

Q: How do you create a ritual?
A: One way is to create objects that invite participation. 

Design parameters for money dance costumes:
1 It's got to be quick to make. (We're leaving in two days!)
2. It's got to be easy to stuff in a suitcase.
3. It's got to be easily understood and require no explanation.
4. Extra points if it's funny and colorful.

Start with a man's suit vest.
David volunteered his.....
Shop for metal clips so people can give their gifts to the couple. By attaching them directly.
Who knew clips come in bright colors at Office Depot? Fun!
Sew clips to vest.

 Lots of clips for lots of money.....Sympathetic magic?

Do I know if this is going to work, NO! but now I'm committed to finding out!
 It's important to do product testing.
Money clips on easily.


Deb said...

When this Irish-American married an Italian-American way back when, guests expected two rituals: 1. free flowing booze 2. The bride must visit each table, receive the envelopes and put them in her little matching money purse. I like your idea better. Why pretend dignity if you don't have to?

Patrick Gracewood said...

Deb, I thought of a lot of things in constructing these costumes. Dignity, much less a matching ensemble, never crossed my mind.

Tammy P said...

Love it!!! Sometimes dignity and traditions can be overrated. Fun, especially colorful fun, can be a perfect replacement!!!