Monday, October 14, 2013

Sculpture and Ritual - The Money Dance #3.

For the second costume, I was going to use a white baseball cap with BRIDE spelled out in rhinestones, some tulle veiling and lots of gold paper clips in chains.

Sort of a Field of Dreams meets a Chinese child-bride look.

That idea got cancelled when their friend said "Bad idea."
"You don't want to mess with the wig she'll be wearing."

Do we laugh or cry?

Plan B shifts the focus from head to waist.
Easier to put on. But what is it going to be?

A belly dance belt to start, but that loose metal might snag if her dress is a sheer material.
Let's back that with an antique strip of French ribbon.
Hmmm, something old and blue. This will work. Start sewing clips on...

This is pretty but doesn't match the vest in impact.
How about adding a fringe of electric blue mylar? 
It's a table skirt from the party supply store.
This adds sound and movement, and 2.5 more feet!

While much of this sewing was done at home at night, this last addition was sewn in a perfect setting. Having flown across the country to New Hampshire, the last thing I wanted to do was do more. Everyone else went on a hike, allowing me some peace and quiet and a beautiful view of the green hills.

Next, the Money Dance at the Wedding.

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