Monday, October 21, 2013

Sculpture and Tom Houha

The future is here, and architect Tom Houha is having fun with it.
He bought an Epilog laser cutter in 2008 and has been building intricate models ever since.
My favorite is his tribute to the art of drafting.
Yes. It's a model of a drafting table and tools.

It's touching because everything architectural is now done on computers.
Know anyone who learned their skills the old fashioned way on a drafting table?
This would make a nice gift for them.

Houha designed these small structures that are intricately detailed and cast wonderful shadows.

Tom has created models of all the iconic bridges of Portland.

 Houha's prototypes of the Hawthorne, St Johns, and the Broadway bridges on a workbench.

To see more, visit Tom Houha's website.
Tom Houha's designs are available online from his Etsy store.

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