Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sculpture and Ritual - The Money Dance at the Wedding #4

Planning only takes you so far. We have no idea if any of this will work......

The Wedding Dinner is winding down, David makes his toast to marriage for all loving couples.

The music is vamping tune by Boris Kovac and LaDaABa Orchestra's "Tango Apocalypso"
I've given kazoo-like noise makers to the family and guests to make funny sounds.
Two of their friends spring into action and dress the newlyweds in the vest and belt.

The room comes alive. It is funny and silly, but most importantly, it is WORKING! 
People get out of their chairs to dance and pin their gifts of support directly on the couple.
No instructions necessary.

 K's aunt begins with her gifts.
That blue mylar really works! It amplifies every move of her body.

I wish I had more photos, but after orchestrating all this, I just wanted to enjoy the rest of the evening.

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