Monday, February 24, 2014

Sculpture and the 2014 Home and Garden Show

You can plan all you want, but you never know exactly how a display garden will look until it's done.
Pam Kill of GreenGold Studio, designed the booth for the Association of Northwest Landscape Designer's. The judges gave our booth a gold medal!

Here's the column, an architectural fragment, newly functional as a pedestal.

The fountain is more architectural fragments, sewer pipe and an old concrete basin.
The acid washed concrete is a nice ochre that picks up the colors from the stone of the retaining wall.

The circular arbor, created by Dana Dokken of Bridge City Arbors, anchors the booth.
The surprise factor is the jewel colored sheer drapes. 
In Dana's car the material looked gaudy. 
But in the dark, cavernous space of the Expo Center, the fabric glows and invites you into the space. 
The lesson is that display garden is Theater and needs a WOW factor.

Next the other sculptures I have in this show!

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Beatriz Cunha said...

Beautiful! that was hard work.
Well deserved prize. Congratulations!