Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sculpture and the Green Man

I've been researching the Green Man for years. Frustrating how long it takes an idea to become reality.

My version of the Green Man is based on the acanthus leaf.
Most Green Men have human faces with applied foliate mustaches and beards.
Mine wants to be more eerie, as much plant as human. I'm liking these recent drawings.

Here's the latest drawings and clay sketches above.  Earlier versions below.

This seemed a good start for a fountain design, there are many paths for water to trickle down.

But as I got started on it, he seemed too clownish. Or maybe I ran out of courage....


Delphine said...

Super ultra magnifique, mon ami.
Did you sculpt it in your atelier in Giverny ? Love

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thank you,Delphine.

Bien sur, though it's hard to get work done with the visitors passing through, all wanting to take their pictures posing with me.....