Monday, February 3, 2014

Sculpture and Flowers

Years ago, I showed several botanical relief sculptures at the San Francisco Garden Show.
Oriental lilies by Patrick Gracewood ©2014
On a break from the booth I saw my first yellow clivia. Exquisite. Only $90 for one small plant!
Being from Oregon, where much of the nation's nursery stock is grown, I thought I could get it for much less back home. Wrong. They were even more expensive. (which made me want them even more.)

Being patient, I went online and bought several seedlings. And waited and waited and waited.
After 10 years of coddling, I resorted to the gardener's ultimate threat: "Bloom or die!"
I put them in the unheated attic room with west light and forgot about them for three months.

Went upstairs for something and checked on the plants. Surprise! The yellow clivia is blooming!
It's amazing how long it takes to learn patience and trust that things will bloom in their own time.

A good lesson for this sculptor.

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