Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sculpture and Color

Think about Lucy's lips. They're not really that shape, especially the upper lip.
Most sculptors never think about the fact that color can overpower form.
Once you accept this humbling fact, you can turn it to your advantage and use color to redefine space.
Just in time for the Home and Garden Show, this concrete column is becoming a pedestal.

It will be either up against a building or surrounded by plants.
What I don't like is the light base color of the concrete.
 Spray paint makes it fade away. That puts the focus on the plants.

 Looking at this scene, on the studio's south side, I wished it had a bit more depth....
Hmmm. Get the spray paint! 
I painted the grey masonry bricks behind the Mahonia's trunks a dark brown. Voila!
It is in shadow year round so you can't really tell what color it is. It's just darker, that = extra depth.

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