Monday, May 26, 2014

Sculpture and Figures and Architecture

Is it hard to see the patterns of your own life?
Or are they so familiar that they don't register?

It's taken so long to realize that the TriMet sculpture is part of a series about women and home.

The first carving was Annunciation Cycles.
A pregnant woman emerges from a cedar fence railing in a block village.

Trying to copy that figure, another one emerged with a very different personality.

I'd found an old piece of lumber with a great central knot with a cross at its center.
That became the inspiration and the setting of this rather formal piece 
that deals with the Nativity story..

The first title was the Innkeeper's Wife, but I liked the idea that if she was the Innkeeper,
she would not hesitate to offer whatever shelter she had to another pregnant woman.

I used rough veneers to create an endless vine pattern on the base and a family tree on the back.

Not that big a jump to the current carving, is it?

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