Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sculpture and Viewing

This 76 year old (I counted her rings!) has a hard time getting up and down.
Correction,  I have a hard time getting her up and down.

The log no longer weighs several tons, it's probably around 500 pounds.

Carving = Down
Looking = UP
More Carving = Down Again
More Looking = Up Again
Repeat several times daily?.....

I'm running out of strong friends, but the more I carve, the lighter she gets....

Once she's upright, I go as far away as possible to study her 
and make notes on what needs to happen next.

Occasionally flipping her from side to side helps to get to hard to reach places.
You can see below the table, I have pallets and large blocks of wood I can stack 
to get different working heights.

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