Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sculpture and Thomas Heatherwick

"This is wonderful technology, but what happens if I do this with that?
Oh and I want to make it really BIG!"

Art today is about crossing disciplines and changes of scale.

Thomas Heatherwick studied silver smithing in college. Using that technology, he wondered if he could make a chair that would  be totally symmetrical AND comfortable however you sat in it.
All photos from Thomas Heatherwick's website Heatherwick Studio

‘Spun’ installation in Southbank Centre Square

The art works as sculpture, a beautiful object, that you can also sit in and laugh.
(And work out your abs!)

The plastic versions are good, but damn, I want a spun metal original!


Theresa Cheek said...

Once in it....I am not sure I could get out of it! (ahem...5"3")

Patrick Gracewood said...

It's not the go-to comfy chair, but everyone in the video seems to be laughing- perhaps because they too are stuck?