Monday, May 19, 2014

Sculpture and Models

"The map is not the territory."
But with a big carving, a good map model can save your sanity and your project.

Above is the full scale 6 foot tall carving next to the 15 inch model.
I work on the model for a while, then go work on the big version. I keep thinking the model is complete, 
but each time I come back and see where more material can be removed.
That encourages me to be bolder with the full scale sculpture.

 Trying out a leaves and fruit background that breaks up the surface behind the figure into patterns of light and dark. Posted the two images side by side on FaceBook and asked which background people preferred. 5 to 1 preferred the simpler background.

I'm wondering how to combine the two solutions.....

Factors to be considered are that the full scale is not as defined as the model, people might have been choosing the more finished example... but simplicity is usually best (and easier!)

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