Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sculpture and Drawing

We had LuLu with us at Brietenbush. Her 6th grade teacher assigned science work of observing something for 15 minutes every day. What better way to study something than to draw it?

We walked to the river daily.

There were several battered Chinook Salmon in the shallows around this rock.
They were shy and very difficult to draw. What now?

 You let her sharp eyes find what interests her! 
Almost invisible on the rocks above the salmon was this fragile 2 inch exoskeleton of an insect.
Perfect for close observation. We discovered it would blow away if either of us breathed on it!
( I think it's a stonefly nymph. )
My drawing...

 Lulu at work on her drawings above and below, the finished results.

Not an easy thing to draw, tiny and very complex. She did well, no?

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