Monday, October 27, 2014

Sculpture and Drawing

You never know what inspiration you'll find when you look at every single image in a magazine.

This tiny image of a 19th Century weather vane caught my eye in Architectural Digest.
It's exquisite, and sold for $370, 000.

Impressed? I was. Also inspired...
What if it were made by an 18th Century Korean faux'k artist?
What would THAT look like?

So I started drawing.....

You can see the progression of the idea across the page.....

It's a phoenix/pheasant/rooster from the late Faux Dynasty.

 I'll use  the sketch to cut out the wood blank and start carving!

That is AFTER I finish this current big project. 
It helps to have new work (quicker and much smaller) to look forward to making.

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