Monday, October 6, 2014

Sculpture - Tools and Materials

Do you collect beautiful papers, textiles, wood veneers, etc? If you do, then you know that
materials that inspire and delight you have a way of accumulating in drawers, chests, closets and sheds.

I've been wanting to replace my tool box of clay tools, it was too difficult to find the tool I needed.
A wooden box with drawers was a cheap solution, but I wanted it to be better than cheap. Using
wall paper paste and two different papers it is transformed into something useful that delights me.

 This project could be quickly accomplished, immediate gratification as there's that big carving.....

Instead of hiding in my paper drawers, now I can enjoy these papers and my new tool box.

Yes, I should get rid of my old tool box, but it was modified to also be a small easel.
Do I store this box in my box collection?

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