Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sculpture and the Uncomfortable - Katerina Kamprani

Like a dream of Franz Kafka, utilitarian objects loose their function and acquire different meanings
in a series called  The Uncomfortable by architect Katerina Kamprani.

She's brilliantly................peverse.

Ms. Kamprani says of herself: "I am an architect and I do the work of a rational engineer by day.  I have experience in the designand construction of buildings,  interiors and exhibition booths.
 I am currently employed at ncmp architects.

By night, I am a design enthusiast, interested both in graphic and product design.
As a graphic designer, I have enjoyed freelancing on various projects from branding, to illustrations and print design. In my free time, I re-design everyday objects for my personal project  
 I love image making in any way shape or form, but my favorite tools are 3dsMax and Vray.

Panic attack stairs?

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