Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sculpture and Sculptors Around the World II

Welcome two sculptors from opposite parts of the world to Shadows on Stone. Please visit their websites to see more of their sculpture.

Od Broza is a sculptor from Vojvodina, Serbia. He has many of the same interests of architecture, wood carving, restoration as Shadows On Stone, but you can read about them in Serbian. His blog is - ALT DEUTSCH SILBERHOLZ For those of us who can't read Serbian, he takes lots of interesting photographs.

Forgive me if I have his name wrong, I took what appears to be a name, it's capitalized, from an article about his work on his blog.

There's a photo of him in the nude, ( that will get you to look at his blog!,) but no recognizable first or last name. If anyone reads Serbian, please help me with this?????)

Strange the ways of the internet.....

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