Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sculpture and "Historic" Gingerbread Houses

Taking a break from showing the construction of the Moon Goddess to share this with you.

Sometimes you gotta plan things ahead of time- for next year.

Interior Designer, Barbara Miller, created a repro of Portland's historic Pittock Mansion in gingerbread as part of the holiday decoration.

Above photos from Barbara Miller's blog Designing My Life. She lays out all the steps in creating edible architecture.
The best gingerbread house I ever saw was actually a hilarious party performance piece.

A lovely decorated gingerbread house was presented to ooohs and aaahhs. Then spirits, brandy (?) was poured down the chimney and ignited. Suddenly the context changed, from hokey gingerbread house to house afire. It was funny and shocking as the icing walls melted and the house began to fall apart. The artists then whipped out a "Fire Extinguisher" of canned whipping cream and put the fire out. The excited crowd devoured the remains.


Way better than having it get stale and dusty.... An idea worth trying to get you through this next Christmas?

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