Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sculpture and Community -The Making of Ritual 2010

Here's a back side shot showing how I attached the plaster disc to stakes. The fun of this kind of construction is that it's quick, it only has to last a short while.

The lovely crown is from a broken wicker chair.Things that aren't worth keeping but are too cool to toss are perfect for ceremonial burnings.

Carbord adds structure and ornamentation. I build using carboard and drywall screws,creating ledges for fireworks and more cardboard screening. Each layer conceals the mechanics of the previous layer and give more surfaces for painting.

Here all the cardboard is installed and back ground test sample of paint. I'd been looking at Asian art and was inspired to add all the prayer hands. Those were made by cutting out right and left hand shapes from old veneer and wrapping them tightly onto heavy cardboard tubing with white sheeting. A silver leaf tea paper was then applied with wall paper paste.


Sherrie Y said...

But, then.... did you fill one of the first criteria? Was it as fun to burn as to build? Happy new year, Patrick.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Sherrie,Oh, yes. I had the fuel box (all the cardboard bits and scrap pieces- a good reason to clean the studio...) and placed it behind the sculpture. The first firework set the cedar shavings on fire, so we were off and ahead of schedule. I'd planned on lighting the fireworks individually, but it was more exciting to have it all go off at once. Shorter, but done before it began raining again.