Friday, January 1, 2010

Sculpture and Community Sculpture and Ritual 2010

I wrote about creating sculpture for community ritual here. These are the parameters I use for creating a NEW YEAR's bonfire sculpture:

Cant spend more than two days working on it or spend more than $100. (Most of that budget is spent on fireworks.)

It's gotta be big enough to impress AND small enough to fit through the doorway. (One year we practically ram the door the squeeze through.) Now I make them in sections.

It's gotta ignite from the fireworks and burn quickly because it's often raining. There must be a fuel reserve for bonfire warmth which allows folks to stand outside comfortably in 38 degree weather. (It is surprising though how much burning you can achieve in the rain.)

It's gotta incorporate found objects,lots of cardboard and be easy to carry outside without falling apart.

Making it has to be as much fun as setting it on fire. More to follow.

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