Wednesday, March 4, 2009

28th Breitenbush Jam Contact Improvisation

The 28th Breitenbush Jam is happening this week, March 5 through 11.

Contact Improvisation dancers from all over the USA, Europe, and even New Zealand are flying in to converge at Breithebush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon. Eight days of dancing and soaking and relaxation with good vegetarian food.

Jacqueline McCormick ( above left) and Carolyn Stuart (above right) are facilitating the 2009 conference "State of Inquiry: How does a state of inquiry inform our dancing?".

We will focus on, share and explore out personal investigation and its relationship to our partners.

What / how can we learn from each other?

What unfolds as we embody our curiiosity, physically and verbally?

We wish to honor our diversity, your perspective is unique.

Come as you are, bring your curiosity.

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