Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lilies Inspiration and Sculpture

The rectangular relief panel is actually much bigger (17 " wide x 44" tall) than the lily rondel ( 15")

We went to the last Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. After 21 years, unable to find a buyer, the sponsors are closing both it and the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. Losing the two biggest garden shows on the west coast will have a major impact on all the nurseries, landscape designers, contractors, and related small businesses such as my own. Damn. Hopefully some entrepreneur with jump in and continue the shows.

I bought Eudoxa from B&D Lilies for the garden. Their Conca d'Or (top photo) is spectacular in color and fragrance. I leveled part of the lawn just so one can sit in a chair next to them. Their fragrance is divine.

Waiting another year to see them and inhale their smell, the anticipation is way better than Christmas.

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