Saturday, March 28, 2009

The One That Got Away. Celtic Cross Sculpture

It's always strange to meet an artwork or commission that got away. I worked up a bid for this Celtic Cross several years ago. Nothing came of it, and I forgot about it. Driving up past Calvary Cemetery there it was, completed by someone else. I felt a mixture of disappointment and relief.

It is beautifully executed, cast in a honey gold concrete.
Whoever created it did a excellent job.

(That translates in my squirrel brain to " Oh my God, this is/was SO much work! - Looks like the master was actually carved. -NO pinholes or craters from casting it! -Good mix design, consistent color, that has a nice depth. -- It must weigh several thousand pounds. This was so much work. so much worksomuchwork..... Thank God it got away.)

The style is Romanesque. Wonderful enigmatic figures that look like a dimensional Lynda Barry cartoon. I will try to find out who carved and cast it.

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