Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fairwell to Jaipur

Funny to fall in love with a place I will never see.

That's the power of art. The paintings from the Garden and Cosmos allowed me a small window into another world and another time.

Most of my travels begin with a wooden log or blank page. It takes a different kind of courage to begin with a void and see where that journey takes you.

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MackTheKnife said...

Such journeys often take you to unexpected places. Since I became interested in Welsh lovespoons, I've become involved, a bit, with the US/Welsh community, learned about the history of lovespoons, Welsh, African and Scandinavian, corresponded with and received help from a master of the art, discovered Welsh folk songs, and learned a little of the Welsh language. Art expands our lives in so many ways if we just let it.