Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Morning Light

I was resting before going to work. Yes, I lie down before and after... I opened my eyes to see these lights on the wall above me. Daylight savings and spring light combined to shine just when I needed motivation and inspiration to go finish work on the giant Corinthian Capital. Las Vegas faux granduer never stops. Thank god...

Standing all day on concrete (or cardboard on concrete), contorting into awkward positions to reach every surface of the capital is hard. Did I mention that I'm sculpting it upside down? It is so big it had to rest upon the top for stability.

What is exhausting is the noise. Chop saws, grinders, band saw, table saw, air tools in concert, then intermittant. Just when it begins to be quiet and I take the ear plugs out, it starts all over again. That's why I'm craving stillness and quiet. Before and After.

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