Monday, October 5, 2009

Sculpture and Jello

Jello is a fascinating material, um "food" when you are 6 years old. All the more fascinating when it isn't on the menu at home. When the little one visits, I help her make a batch and throw it away immediately when she leaves. I may have found another use for it though.

Jello sculpture.

A friend told me about a "JELLO GARDEN" party. They filled up the tub with different colors and shapes of jello, got naked and jumped into the tub. Naughty fun for adults but a perfect for kids. Only I'm gonna do it outside and hose them off when we're done.


Deb said...

Patrick -

We used to add knox unflavored gelatin,
in proportions of maybe 3x? the flavored powder. We got something we could really play with!


Bpaul said...

In ancient prehistory, when I was a long-haired poet type living in Bezerkley, we threw a party called "pudding joy."

It took 6 rubberneck garbage cans full of vegan vanilla pudding (not edible really, it was for effect... corn starch is REALLY slippery and interesting on the skin) to fill the padded and dammed 10x10 space for the party.

It was fun. Who knew you could get 15+ people in a space that small?