Friday, October 16, 2009

Sculpture and Stone Tiles

Seems like folks come in two flavors.

Those who want to park as close to their destination as possible, and those who can't wait to get out of the car and walk. I'm a park and walker because I hate driving. I never know what I'll find once I'm walking. For me, driving requires too much of "Don't look at that or that or that!" for obvious safety reasons.

This small entry way stopped me in my tracks. Ugly building, tiny space with this lovely timeless stone tile entry way. The neutral palette of black / white enlivened by the tan, the tight geometry of rectangles and squares danced because of the irregular hand cut tile. It was like part of a Klee or Klimt drawing and got more lovely the longer I looked at it.

When was it installed? Doesn't matter, it could have been in Pompeii or a brand new Pearl condominium. Timeless simplicity is very hard to achieve. Hats off to the craftsman who did it.


Paul Anater said...

Beautiful foyer. Good catch. It really does look Roman and that's praise about as high as I can muster.

Nina said...

wow! these stone tiles are looking so awesome. I recently used stone tiles in my home construction and decoration however its a little expensive

condo_consult_downtown said...

stone work,really good.