Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sculpture and the Gallery Without Walls #2

Dorothy Parker once said: "I hate writing.   I love having written."

My sentiments exactly regarding installing sculpture. The sculpture is done but everything depends on installation. So much can go wrong.

Here are behind the scenes photos of the recent installation of my relief sculpture, "the Four Seasons of Love", in Lake Oswego's Gallery Without Walls. Photography by Deb Hollister.

Installing sculpture can be very...........HEAVY,

Installing sculpture can be very........... DUSTY and LOUD
 Installing sculpture can be very.....tedious and frustrating.

You measure and mark carefully, the drill bit hits a rock or metal in the concrete and changes its angle. That means your freshly drilled holes don't align with the holes on the sculpture base.
 But ahh, it feels so good to have INSTALLED sculpture. There's a reason the installation is up for two years. Here we are, installed, doing a reenactment of Adam and God from the Sistene Chapel.


Krista Lawrence said...

really beautiful. I will stop by in a couple weeks and see it in person.

Carolyn Parker said...

Gosh Patrick, I might be able to see your piece. My Dad lives in Lake Oswego-- so did I during High School.