Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sculpture and Rare Plant Research

Burl and Cindy Mostul own and operate Rare Plant Research in Oregon City, Oregon. They built themselves a Romanesque dream house on a little hill above their many greenhouses. When so many new houses are poorly designed with no relation to the site, it's a pleasure to see a such a unique vision

The house has a pond and and it's own folly to display some of their prized plants. The walls act as heat sinks to help warm micro climates for their exotic bromeliads and other plants.

I'll be showing some of my Romanesque inspired sculpture and demonstrating carving in the gardens this Saturday.


Louis Raymond here. said...

HI Patrick: OMG what an exciting property. So reminds me of Italy, but with more water. What a thrill in general to be out there in Zone 8, crowing that your abutilons are thriving near the house as never before. Sigh.

Stone Art said...

Looks lovely, had I just looked at the photos, I would have said it was Tuscany

Patrick Gracewood said...

What's funny is that the drive to Rare Plant Research takes you through Oregon City, an modest old town (for Oregon). Working class housing and trailer parks, you keep driving and suddenly it's rural again and voila! instant Tuscany.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Louis Raymond,

LOTS more water. Our very wet spring has birthed billions of mosquitoes. You're not fainting from the lovely lilies but from loss of blood.

Appreciating the garden is now either a mad dash and a promise or slathering on the bug repellent.