Friday, July 23, 2010

Sculpture and the Gallery Without Walls

Gallery Without Walls turns the streets of Lake Oswego, Oregon into an urban sculpture garden. Presented by the Arts Council of Lake Oswego, in partnership with local business, the program presents sixty sculptures throughout the downtown area.

Photo by Deb Hollister 

Thirty are on two year loan from artists, the rest are part of the city's permanent collection. A brochure allows any visitor to take a self guided walking tour, with a site map, photos and a brief description of all the sculptures.

Gallery Without Walls provides a well organized venue for showing local sculptor's work in a beautiful setting. My four panel relief sculpture called "the Four Seasons of Love" is located on the corner of First and A streets. It's a perfect location. The sun, throughout the day, will rake across the relief's surface, slowly changing the shadows.

Dan Bransfield and Bob Liddell adapt the steel frame to fit the site.

My sincere thanks to Susan Bitzer, program manager of the Arts Council of Lake Oswego, Bob Liddell, Board Member, for his help with installation, Deb Hollister, photographer, and Dan Bransfield for technical expertise, muscle, and for his calm presence.

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Deb said...

Thanks, Patrick! It was fun spending a few hours with you at the corner of 1st and A. I went to your website to see more of your work and am so impressed with it all. What a talent you have!