Monday, January 31, 2011

Sculpture and Poetry

Looking at the Moon papercut 12.5 x12.5 inches © Patrick Gracewood
the earth is round
yet we divide it into squares.

we live in square houses,
in square rooms,
eat from round bowls
and round plates
each at a square table.

at night, we lie
each in a square bed
beneath the round moon.

will we ever fit together?

my thoughts go around
my round head~
they fly in circles
before lying down
in straight lines
on a square of paper;

then, line after line of thought
circles out from the square
of paper,
concentric circles circling out,
the pebble of a thought
tossed into the pond
of the universe…

one night, i too will lie
down in a straight line,
merely a thought
among other thoughts,
not connected except by shape,`
not fitting the circle
of the earth.

i am a square, a square peg~
a block-head
with a round hole
in the bullseye of my heart
that nothing stops

and i lift my round eyes
to the great circle of the sky
in wonder.

poem by Roy Anthony Shabla 

I've known Roy for years and created the paper cut after reading his poem. He said that the paper cut was exactly what the next section of the poem was about. 
For more of Roy's work click here .

Here's the second draft of the papercut. I wanted the focus to be on the figure, not the moon. I like the spinning stars more, but the horizontal waves kill the background.  Time for #3 paper cut.

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