Monday, January 17, 2011

Sculpture and Materials

Sculptors love objects and the materials they are made from. So it's disconcerting when you notice that a favorite material no longer is available or even exists

The little winter Clementine citrus used to come in small wooden crates. I hated throwing them out because I loved the bright orange and blue printed wood. One solution to re-use them was to create wings for this angel. Alas, he's now one of a kind, as the crates no longer exist.

This year's Clementines come in a mesh bag. Good-bye little crates. Have you noticed any materials that you love or take for granted suddenly gone?

1 comment:

skygrazer/Christy said...

Try another store... Here in RI, Stop and Shop still has the clementines in crates.

Love the use you put them to :)