Monday, January 10, 2011

Sculpture and Shop Humor

 Design Form is rising out of the ruins of the previous architectural elements business. 
In cleaning out the mountains of trash, the guys, (both had worked for the previous business) found something in the owner's office: the book  Personal Bankruptcy Laws for Dummies

Unopened, still with the receipt.

They installed it in the new "library",
with a screw right through it.
You could know more, but that says it all. 

Cracks me up every time I wash my hands.


Deb said...

I realize now that I have a bias- I don't
know someone until I experience their sense of humor. We can talk about art, but I'll get cerebral all too quickly. The heart for me is in the humor. Artful humor, humorous art, it's irresistible.

Patrick Gracewood said...

So true. For me Humor and kindness are the best combination.

Years ago I said something witty but cutting and a friend called me on it. She said, "find another way to be funny." That was a revelation for me to begin exploring funny without the mean......

Deb said...

Exactly. My sense of humor started out as self defense. Once I finally dropped the bitterness, I discovered how gentle humor could transform discomfort and dread into laughter.