Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sculpture and Lighting

You can hold a revolution in your hands.
 Showing your work on location means thinking creatively about practical matters.
How do you light your artwork without electricity, or extra long, cumbersome, extension cords that are ugly and a trip hazard?
The St Francis relief lit by LED lights nested in potted plant. Photo by David Bales.
I bought and brought small LED XB (extra bright) lights to illuminate my sculpture after dark.
Less than $10 each. To warm that cold blue white light, I taped orange theater gels onto the lights.

They worked like a charm.

I brought a potted plant to disguise the base of the sculpture, and just nestled the LED light into the plant. No plants were harmed in this exhibition because the lights weigh so little and emit no heat.
LED puck light with two layers of orange gels taped on to warm the color of the light.

How are you using new lighting technology to show your art?


Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

What a great idea, Patrick.

I'm gonna have to remember this trick! Your work looks fantastic!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thanks, Susan.
The lights are at Fred Meyers. Easy.