Monday, July 4, 2011

Sculpture and Jason deCaires Taylor

 Jason deCaires Taylor has a new sculpture, called Anthropocene.  It's located at the Manchones Reef, in Cancun/ Isla Mujeres, Mexico at a depth of 8 meters.

Anthropocene by deCaires Taylor. all photos from the artist.
A life size 8 ton cement replica of the classic Volkswagon beetle. The sculpture is designed specifically to house marine life whilst exploring the significant impact humans have had on our planets ecosystems and the subsequent affects to future generations. The VW beetle or "votcho" as it is known in Mexico is an iconic symbol and the classic shape was still in production until March 2003. Its rounded aerodynamic shape makes it perfectly suited to maintain stability underwater from strong currents and tropical storms.
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kara rane said...

love this art! & complete with the natives >> barracuda <<

Theresa Cheek said...

His work is so interesting. I love how it begins as something made by man and slowly morphs into ocean life covered in barnacles and moss.