Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sculpture and Whales

Sculpture won't mean much if the world is bereft of wonder.

Two of the most moving primeval experiences of nature I've ever experienced are watching lava boil into the sea in Hawaii and seeing the whales and dolphins off Cape Cod.

Here is a successful rescue of a young whale entrapped in a net by members of Earth Island Institute.

Post script: When I write I try to have some sort of flow to the week, always with the focus on sculpture. What link between Janet Echelman's work and this wildlife rescue?

I just realized that the thread is the fish netting. It's both wildlife hazard and a new sculpture medium.

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Beatriz Cunha said...

What a wonderful story with suspense and very moving. I was so happy when they released the whale and a little sad because of all the damages caused to wildlife.