Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sculpture and A Pop-Up Studio

The (temporary) view from my work bench.

Landscape architect Richard Schultz knows how to throw a party.
His rules for a great party are simple:
Find a fabulous river front property.
Build your dream home.
Invite friends and family.

This lovely site was the first for my summer's pop-up sculpture studio.
Have work bench, will travel. Look at the AAC carving in the center and compare it to the last photo. It's becoming it's own group work of art!

For the Schultz's 3rd of July party, along with my carvings, I brought tools and some AAC for people to carve.  Here's some photos of guests who tried carving for the first time. (Sorry for the glare off the water, it's part of the burden of working on location. :-) )

Aside from people's excitement at carving, what was interesting was how the trial block of AAC began looking like an art work as each person took what was there and changed it to suit their own ideas.


Cindy Michaud said...

bet they loved it; made it all look like fun!

Patrick Gracewood said...


They did/ it was. This was a sampler workshop to see if people would be interested in learning to carve. They were, now it's time to make the classes happen.