Monday, July 18, 2011

Sculpture and Janet Echelman

Janet Echleman takes her imagination seriously.

In return, her imagination has taken her on a world wide ride into the future of sculpture.
Echleman has created an entirely new form of sculpture. It reminds me of the Aurora Borealis

Her sculpture is a new direction for public art.

Echleman's sculpture is designed on an enormous scale that can hold its own against skyscrapers because it uses the sky and winds. Janet's goal is to soften the hard edges of the city through sculpture that is soft and flexible. Her work responds to the environment, the wind, water and the light, to engage the viewer with its color and movement..
Photos from Janet Echelman's website
It all began when she turned disaster, a show with a no show of her art materials, into wonder and exploration of an unexamined material. She began using netting to create her art.
Watch Echleman's Ted Talk

Count how many times Janet Echlemal says "The language or the technology didn't exist, so we had to create it." 

She is brilliant.

See more of her work here.
Read a CNN interview with Janet Echelman here


Beatriz Cunha said...

I agree, totally brilliant! She's a great example of thinking out of the box.
Her first big public work is here at Porto.

Patrick Gracewood said...


I'm envious.I would love to see her work in person.

You can get an idea of what a painting is like from photographs, even though it may be skewed. But to understand sculpture you must be in its presence and experience it physically.

Deb said...

Viewing her sculpture (in pictures) right after taking this "La Voix Humaine" class with Daniel Prieto, it strikes me. This is what I want in my body- Structure (bone), supporting muscles that blow in the wind with the breath. Imagine standing in the presence of that sculpture, embodying wind, breath ...

tess stieben said...

Just an off-set question here but I wonder, do birds get caught in these massive nets?