Monday, January 2, 2012

Sculpture as Community. Sculpture as Ritual

Eye of a guardian angel, Cardboard and wooden bead.
This New Year's Burn was a life sized angel carrying Dorothy's photo. 2011 was 9 months of daily visits to care for my mother in law, Dorothy.              Here's how I made a final tribute for her.
Take one old oak chair and secure it to a 5' x 4' wooden pallet. Make angel body from heavy duty cardboard tubing. (Note to pyros, cardboard tubing burns very well and lasts a surprisingly long time. It's free too.) You can see that I place the fireworks as I build, there's a big fountain in the head.

The face was started with a corner of a cardboard box for the profile, a hot glued wooden bead became an eye. Small strips of cardboard form the lids of the eye.
The trick to figurative work in cardboard is to keep it loose. 
Especially if you have a burn deadline! Symmetry is overrated.
I loved how stern and helmet like the face immediately was, like a Roman Centurion. In fact, Mr. D and I had a heated discussion about it. When he entered the studio, bringing lunch, he was shocked to see his sweet mom in the custody of this angel. Our conception of angels is very different. I said "If you want sweet, you get a cherub! " A cherub is not a guardian angel.

I think a real angel would be fierce and more than a little terrifying. It's not an easy job.
What is your idea of an angel?


Theresa Cheek said...

This piece moves my soul Patrick! I think you are right about the fierceness of this angel. I love the angular face and eyes. I think an angel can be powerful and strong, as this is. Dorothy has to be smiling over this one.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

I loved the piece, Patrick.
And I agree with you, angels are god's warriors and man's guardians so they have to be strong and fierce. Wouldn't you want a strong escort for Dorothy? I think this is my favorite 'burning' sculpture yet. We had a great time with you all.

I'll post more about it on my blog later this week.

Sherrie Y said...

I'm sure I'd want a fierce guardian at the start of a new adventure. In fact, I'd like one now.