Monday, September 3, 2012

Sculpture and Architectural Restoration

Successful architectural restorations depends on understanding the context for the sculpture.
How is it seen? What is the viewing angle?
This capital (photos) goes at the top of a street lamp, which means you are looking UP at it.
So the important aspects are the center and below. Only birds will see the above view,  that area must shed water easily, not retain it, but it doesn't need the same level of detail or finish.

The original concrete pine cone on the right is obviously hand modeled.
It has a good strong balance of light and dark. That's far more important for distance viewing than if the symmetry is perfect. Working up close, you can easily worry about the wrong things.

Here's the base form of the capital that I will model the swags of pine needles. You can see that all important center line. The drywall screws serve two functions, they anchor the clay onto the form. They also help me establish the depth of the relief. More in the next post.

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