Monday, September 10, 2012

Sculpture and Scale

Sculpture is the most physical of the arts. It takes up space with its prescence and weight.
It also takes enormous physical effort and concentration from the sculptor.

Which is why I'm enjoying this extravagant little movie advertising Cartier.
It's dream-like raison d'etre is to seduce you with beauty. Glamour originally meant something beautiful but deadly, and the filmmakers play with the themes of adventure and danger. The idea being if you can afford Cartier, you're up for both because you're in total control.

What's worth noticing is how the scale of everything in this film is constantly changing. 
Is it jewelry sized or monumental?

How do you work with the scale of things in your life and art? Is bigger better, or does smaller draw you in?

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Patrick Gracewood said...

In a phone conversation, Mark Downing said that what he noticed in the film was the high level of craftsmanship.

Despite all the computer effect, sverything was made by hand,from the sleigh and all its trappings to the jewelry and the clothes.