Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sculpture and Context

After vacation, it's always fun to return to the studio and garden to find it full of naked ladies.

The bright pink flowers, Amaryilis belladonna, are like a chorus in front on my little lion carving,
...and suggest he's singing the song, from the movie the Wizard of Oz,  "If I only had the nerve."
"I'm afraid there's no denying 
I'm just a dandelion, 
a fate I don't deserve. 
But I could show my prowess, be a lion not a mouse,  if I only had the nerve."

Sculpture outdoors is seen to best advantage when you consider and establish as many relationships as possible between the art and the site. 

The lion, usually surrounded by tall blond grasses (Lion stalking or cat in the grass) now has an added twist of questionable courage from the late summer surround of pink flowers.


kara rane said...

this has me dreaming~

Patrick Gracewood said...

Kara, can't think of a better thing...we dream (and work!) our art into existence to help others dream.