Monday, September 17, 2012

Sculpture - Cliches and Color

It's hard to make art or see art in a tourist-town environment - nothing feels fresh.

Provincetown, MA. was (is?) an art colony. As with any place of natural beauty, creativity, and descending hoards of summer visitors, it can slide into wall to wall cliche. Boats, lobster pots, twee sailor themes, shells that aren't local, all are grist for endless T-shirt tourist marketing.

I stopped taking photos until these rivers of blue blew me away.
Seen from a quarter mile away, I had no idea what it could be.
Could this be an art instillation that makes me perceive the shore in a new way?

From a distance I had no idea what I was seeing. Could there a river on the sand?
Is the sea running uphill? Love that feeling of disorientation!
That much blue, intense blue, the same color as the ocean. WHAT IS IT?

The river of blue is a flexible surface that allows greater access to the beach for folks with disabilities. It's made by mobi-mat,
Composition in blue, red, and whites.
That this practical roadway is so beautiful on a sunny day is an aesthetic bonus.
                                                         ....wonder what it looks like in grey winter?

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