Monday, September 24, 2012

Sculpture and Books

The Book is dead.
But like God, Art, and the Queen, the book is very much alive and changing into new forms.

Ex Libris Anonymous is the business of book lover Jacob Deatherage.

Like a modern Charon, Jacob helps books transition from one life to the next.
Jacob takes discarded books and transforms them into new blank journals.  He keeps the cover and fills the journal with crisp blank paper interspersed with pages from the original text.

It's the 21st Century equivalent of palmpliset, that's when medieval monks scraped and reused parchments writing new text over the old.

In Ex Libris Anonymous there is fun, sadness and nostalgia, and any other emotion you've every felt towards a book. There's recognition of a familiar cover, shock to open it find a fragment. The rest is blank paper that cries out for a  new story.

You can select your journal from a wall of books and have one custom made, or purchase from already completed journals. EX LIBRIS ANONYMOUS website is
They make great gifts......

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