Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sculpture and Carving Tools

It took two days driving 580 miles, 
a round trip ferry ride to an island off the coast of Washington, 
and every dollar I had in my wallet to get this beauty. I still owe $6.00.

Totally worth it.

This is a hand made adz gutter adz. It cuts across the wood grain and is used for roughing out sculpture. Just what I need for the monster log in the driveway.
A well designed adze removes wood quickly with a great deal of control.
Your wrist angle determines the amount of wood cut, from tiny chips to cutting off big chunks.
The level of knowledge and care that went into creating this beautiful adz is amazing.
The lower end of the handle has a shallow texture to ensure a solid grip.

If this weren't as deadly sharp as it is beautiful, I'd take it to bed like a new teddy bear.


jomyshyne1 said...

You MADE you own tool? have you made others Patrick? What does the blade look like on this thing?

jomyshyne1 said...

I mean I KNOW you HAD it made but... handmade... HOW? how does one go about getting their OWN specifically made tool? Im in AWE

Patrick Gracewood said...

The blade is mirror polished with the bevel on the inside so there's no strain on your wrist.

You track down sources, relentlessly. I knew of this business but it took me years to get this tool. They went out of business, but not quite. My trip was to visit friends, who knew the maker and they introduced me. He had one for sale. Good thing that was it or I'd have had to hock my car to buy more.

jomyshyne1 said...

Ive yet to work in a serious way with wood. Id hope I could come to you for advise when the time comes? You are the expert with years of trailing woodchip behind you... and I want you to sell me this tool when your done ;) JOKE Plus sounds terrifyingly expensive -you hang it on your wall surround by angelic guilding when its had its time.