Monday, February 4, 2013

Sculpture and Lions

It took love and time for the Velveteen Rabbit to become real.......
It's taking a long time,  a lot of money, and some last minute loving for the little lion to become real.
The original AAC carving.
After paying for the mold, I got overwhelmed just looking at it. It sat in the studio for a year.
Unloved and in the way. A big "SHOULD DO".

Which is weird because I really like the sculpture.

With his debut booked for Portland's Yard Garden and Patio Show, it was time to push through the resistance, through the next two stages of casting and patina, so people can see him. 
In the belly of the beast..... To protect the mold, a thin layer of soap is applied to every surface.
No point in getting soap all over my clothes! There are days where I wish I'd stuck with drawing!

Now to load the mold and go to the concrete plant where they will cast him.

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