Monday, February 25, 2013

Sculpture and Drawing - St Clare

"The map is not the territory." is good to keep in mind when drawing for sculpture.
Still, it's good to know if the territory is swamp, desert.....or a garden
Here's the final drawing for "in her garden" or St Clare
It's the companion relief for my sculpture "in his orchard" or St Francis  

Are people will be drawn in or put off by the saint aspect? 
I reserve the right to have two titles. The title is not the art.....

 You might notice there's an age difference between these two women. 
There's tons of sculpture of pretty young things, but sculpture of mature women?
I'm working to change that!

 Here's the initial sketch. 
Combining different sized blocks of stone into one carving gives me the 
look I want. (It's also easier on my body to work with smaller units.)
 Lots of little thumb nail sketches to understand how to move your gaze through the art.
Not every drawing needs to be a success to be successful. 
I was trying to do too many things with this one, color it to match the completed St Francis sculpture
before I even finished the layout. It told me to stop and focus on just one thing.
And that gave me this drawing.


Delphine said...

wow. nice drawing. love love love it.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thank you, Delphine. The carving will be different, but this drawing gives me a solid starting point.