Friday, February 8, 2013

Sculpture and Lions

Do you need a garden guardian?
the little lion makes his debut at Portland's Yard Garden Patio show.
the little lion by Patrick Gracewood ©2013
The distance between inspiration and completion can be quite long.
Here is the process from start to finish...
The original marble lion at Hearst Castle and my quick drawing to remind myself.
The lion emerging from the block of AAC
 The completed lion in AAC. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is fun to carve, but too soft and fragile for exterior sculpture. So molding and an edition of cast stone are the next two steps.....
Applying a thin layer of mold soap helps protect the rubber from the highly alkaline stone mix.
 After casting, the art is inspected and any imperfections (small bubbles) are filled or sanded.
An acid patina changes the uniform cold grey cast stone to varigated warm toasty colors.
Voila! that's all there is to it....... Now for good photography, graphics, a post card and brochure.
Someone will want a little lion to guard their garden? You perhaps?


jomyshyne1 said...

Patrick... he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What skill brawn and brains and talent! in awe :) BRAVO P

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thank you, tho' I'm worried that such praise will make the little lion's head even bigger!

jomyshyne1 said...

:)its perfectly prideful piece. In control of its glorious ego. I love your gift with bold aesthetics and symmetry just serene skill.. you make it look easy... when its clearly a tenacious effort and will power involved..I guess thats the mark of excellence.. you make it look easy

Theresa Cheek said...

I always, always enjoy seeing the whole process! Thank you Patrick for showing us the path you took. He is such a sweet lion!

Sherrie York said...

Love. This. Lion. Personality-plus, and always that Gracewood aesthetic that combines bold graphic and subtle curve. I bet the dancer has something to do with it.

Delphine said...

i'm in love with this lion.